Until My Last Breathe

​She always dream of meeting the guy of his life, the one who will going to love him no matter what she is. She know that loving a human is against their rule. If she’ll break it, she might die, vanished forever. Until one day, she went to their oldest member of their descent to ask for a potion that will transform her into a human. The old woman doubted to give it to her but the girl didn’t even listen to her, she just take it and bid goodbye not even thinking on what would happen to her after it. She stopped on one of the big rocks that was at the seashore. She opened the potion and drank it immediately. She suddenly felt dizzy and she began to slumber. She was awaken by the cold breeze touching her delicate skin. She rubs her eyes and got shocked and amused at the same time when she saw the transformation, she already have legs! She could now meet the guy of his life, the guy who will love her forever. 100 days had come and she was with the guy she love and he truly loves her too. They were walking along the well-lighted street, holding each other’s hands. That day she is already feeling weak and sometimes she ran out of air that made her hard to breath. The guy stop at his tracks as he face the girl with full of love and joy. The guy suddenly leaned in and the girl closes her eyes. As their lips touched, a tear suddenly ran down from the girl’s eyes, her heart broke into pieces as well as her body, she made a tight grip on the guy’s coat but it didn’t do anything. She loves him so much, she loves him more than her life, but she breaks their most important rule and right now she needs to face the consequence, she will vanished and will no longer stay on the guy’s side anymore. She’s aware of it but she never tell the guy. She’s afraid he might get hurt but it hurts her the most. And suddenly before the guy could open his eyes, the girl suddenly vanish and was no longer at the boy’s sight. “She already left me, she will never come back to me anymore. She already vanish.” He murmurs as tears start to flow from his eyes that was full of sadness right now.



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