The Mystery of Xyrix’s Dark Prince

Prince John and luis immediately went to their carriage and ride on. They are now certain that the true heir of the Xyrix kingdom will also be the dark prince, meaning he will destroy everything in their realm.  Now, the only problem is to figure out who is the true heir and next king of the kingdom. Prince John is the son of the current king, Henry X but still not certain if he is the dark prince as proclaimed by the prophecy. Time is running and they are still miles away from the palace. Luis is running the carriage as fast as he could when suddenly Prince John held his shoulder. Luis immediately gave a feedback by looking at him. The prince cleared his throat and said, “Luis Caprix, you’ve been the best and the most loyal subject the palace had. I just wanted you to know that I’m so grateful for having you. This is already beyond your assignment. “Luis smiled and said,” Sir, I’m not doing this because I am bounded to. I’m doing this because I am your friend.” The prince gave a sad smile and said, ”I appreciate that but please if things get worse, don’t hesitate to leave Xyrix. Go save your family and your life. You can use the portals of the Shaman Cave.” Luis laughed. ”there’s no way I will ever do that. We can figure this out together. I wouldn’t leave you behind. You’re like a brother to me, ”Luis replied. ”I am telling you this because I want you to save your life. You see you’re like a brother to me as well  ,”The prince said seriously. “Sir first of all, we are not yet sure if you are the dark prince or what, and I believe you cannot destroy this kingdom. You love it so much,” Luis said. “Whoever is this dark prince still there’s no way for me to survive. My family was cursed. We cannot leave until and after the dark prince will come, ”Prince John said trying to convince his loyal friend. There was a silence after that, ”Let’s not talk about that for now. We can still save the kingdom. We just have to find the dark prince and ask our wizards to curse him or do whatever it takes to avoid the apocalypse, “Luis explained. After some minutes they reach the kingdom. Guards came and running to open the gate. The two rushed in the throne room. “Father! Father, we just figured out who can be possibly the dark prince!” Prince John said but no response from the king with his servants beside them. “Father, it was sad to think, but the dark prince and the whole royal family is related. And he could be me,” Prince John said with the sadness on his tone. “No,” the king replied with the cold voice. “Father, I know it disappoints you, but please ask our wizards to take my life if ever I am—,” “ You are not, my son,” the king replied. They saw his teary eyes as he watch the prince and Luis. “But sir, who could it be, I mean we have found the book of prophecy and—,”. “He’s you,” the king cut Luis. Luis was shocked. “What? How? I can’t be! My mother is just a dressmaker and my father—-,”. “Is the king,” the old wizard answered. 



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