In The Garden Palace

​I live in a garden palace, in a faraway village, which is full of fragrant and magical flowers. These flowers glows at night, and produce beautiful music when you were going to pour it with magical dust. But only us know that. I am one of the workers in our palace. Definitely, I am flower fairy. We only measures 2 inches and we use our antennas to fly and to produce magical dust. Because of us, the garden palace retains its beauty and fragrance. But all of that changed when the cruel worms attacked our palace. They ate all of the flowers, except for the flower located on the center of the garden because it is poisonous, the magical sunflower, but it was only an illusion, and it was not really poisonous. It was the mother of all the flowers. The most powerful among them all. Going back to the situations, we seem so powerless that time, but we didn’t let that mood dominate on us. We gather all of the fairies and think for a movement to make the worms abandon our palace. By means of our powers, we created weapons to fight the worms. After that, we came back to the palace to make the worms leave. We, together, all of us fight for our palace and fortunately, with unity, we attained victory. When the war ended, a new challenge is waiting for us, and that is to make the Garden Palace to its original beauty. We gather all of the remaining powers we have and pour it to the magical sunflower. The sunflower glowed brighter than the sun, and magical seeds began to fall from it. And as the seeds touch the ground, they grow by themselves and immediately bloom as a flower. Thanks to us and to magical sunflower, the Garden Palace have recovered and came back to its original beauty and fragrance. And I’m so happy that I am one of those who fight for it.



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